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A new national initiative pairing Big Brothers Big Sisters with Topgolf just kicked off in Kansas City, resulting in new Big recruitment, as well as $100K in funds in fourteen days raised for the local chapter. Is your city next? Boulevard of Broken Tees (www.brokentees.org) is bringing its charity tournaments to various cities throughout 2019-2020. Nashville and Dallas are already on the schedule, along with a championship, celebrity pro-am tournament in Las Vegas.


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“Beyond the physical and mental health benefits of golf, venues like Topgolf have made the sport so much more accessible,” said Brandon Fancher, founder of Boulevard of Broken Tees. “We know Millennials flock to Topgolf (more than 50 percent of Topgolf guests are between the ages of 21-34), and those are the exact people we’re trying to recruit as new mentors. Our pitch is ‘Don’t change a thing. Keep hitting balls at Topgolf, but don’t do it alone. Be a Big. Bring a Little with you, and teach them a new skill.’ Not only is golfing a great activity to do together, it could result in something bigger. Hundreds of golf scholarships go unclaimed each year, especially for girls. By introducing youth to the game, for some, we could also be opening a path to college.”


“Topgolf exists to connect people in meaningful ways. We do this through the experiences we create, the innovation we champion and the good that we do.” said Tiffany Brush, Director of Charitable Initiatives. “We heard from the CaddieAi team that a hurdle in recruiting mentors is their concern about what to do and where to go with a mentee. Topgolf is the answer. It is a safe place with a variety of entertainment options that can facilitate the teaching of a new skill by a Big to a Little. Or, a Big and Little can learn a new skill together! Topgolf is a great, turn-key option for special events, like Boulevard of Broken Tees, that help the cause two-fold: fundraising and mentor recruitment. Topgolf is proud to host this initiative at several venues across the country.”