You can play for our prizes in one of two ways. Either as a VIP attendee at our June 21st Qualifier, or at any Topgolf location leading up until our event. 

Prizes you are competing for:

  • 1-Year free Topgolf play
  • 3-Month Corporate Platinum Membership
  • A qualifying spot in the National Celebrity ProAm

How to participate:

  • If you can attend, and want to play - purchase our "VIP attendee pass"; or, if your the type to keep it low-key but still play for some prizes - purchase our "VIP Spectator Pass".
  • If you can't attend, but want to help, purchase our "Tee Breaker Pass". and play from anywhere in the US. 

Who you are helping:

  • There are 40,000 children in the US who've asked for mentorship and are still waiting for your help - boys are waiting over a year on average. Our impossible dream is to inspire a nation to lift them up, provide the funds to ensure their safety, and fulfill a promise to defend their future.